Bucknell 2v wins bronze at Knecht Cup

Bucknell competed at the Knecht Cup last weekend, where it raced its first true regatta of the spring containing heats, semis, finals, and best of all, six boats across. The team fielded three eights and a four for the two-day competition. Conditions were similar both days with a cross tail wind blowing around 15mph, occasionally gusting as high as 30mph.

Still experimenting with different personnel, the 1v lineup featured some new faces. The crew placed third in its Saturday heat and semifinal, meaning it would race in the petite final Sunday afternoon. The first half of the final unfolded precisely as it was drawn up: a rhythm that was long and upbeat with respectable run between puddles. At the halfway point, the boat thrust itself into second place, just three seats behind Trinity and a significant amount of open water up on the remainder of the field. As it entered the second half of the race, the boat hit messy water that would derail its rhythm. The crew failed to ever recover and would eventually lose to competitors that it had once put away in the early stages of the race.

Coming off a win against Hobart, the 2v felt confident in their ability to secure a medal. Needing to place top three to advance to the grand final, Bucknell took care of business in the heat and cruised to third. Sunday’s final included quick varsity programs and club rivals that the team had targeted all year, Virginia and Michigan. Unruffled by a strong field, Bucknell would finish third, just a few seats behind Virginia.

In the absence of a true third varsity eight event, the 3v raced in the Club 8+ against first varsity eights from various teams. On Saturday, the boat placed second in its heat to advance to the grand final. Knowing that it was outclassed heading into the final, the crew threw everything at the first half of the race, latching onto Pittsburgh for as long as it could. Ultimately the 3v placed fifth, but felt confident that it made the most of the circumstances.

The four rounded out the weekend by placing fifth in its heat.

Next weekend the team will travel to Philadelphia where it will compete at the Kerr Cup against the likes of Yale, Drexel, Temple, GW, MIT and St. Joes.

Varsity 8+ – PETITE FINAL
Trinity – 6:03.7
Delaware – 6:06.5
Adrian – 6:08.9
Bucknell – 6:12.5
George Mason – 6:15.6
Ithaca – 6:16.3

2nd Varsity 8+ – GRAND FINAL
MIT – 6:08.1
Virginia – 6:11.0
Bucknell – 6:12.1
Michigan – 6:14.7
Marist – 6:17.5
Trinity – 6:33.8

Villanova – 6:26.3
North Carolina – 6:27.7
Virginia – 6:29.4
Pittsburgh – 6:46.4
Bucknell 3v – 6:55.5
Connecticut – 6:57.2

Club 4+ – HEAT
Mercyhurst – 6:59.5
Michigan – 7:01.5
Rhode Island – 7:12.4
Penn State – 7:56.5
Bucknell – 8:41.7

1st Varsity 8 – Class of 2020
Coxswain: Max Silverman, Sr.
Stroke: Zach Gerhardt, So.
7: Andrew Viola, So.
6: Phil Onffroy, Sr.
5: Dirk Puleo, Fr.
4: Ryan Spallone, Fr.
3: Luca Arvanitis, Fr.
2: Sen Zelov, Fr.
Bow: Aaron Swope, Sr.

2nd Varsity 8 – Class of 1985
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky, So.
Stroke: Luke Lambropoulos, So.
7: Nathan Peot, So.
6: Thomas Stone, Sr.
5: Christian Sieck, Sr.
4: Jack Fiala, So.
3: Kevin Carney, So.
2: Andy Thompson, Fr.
Bow: Nick Caravias, Sr.

3rd Varsity 8 – Uebele
Coxswain: Emma Minadeo, Jr.
Stroke: Aidan DeWitt, Fr.
7: Brian Skeels, Jr.
6: Mason Cametas, Jr.
5: Cian Nowak, Sr.
4: Dan Van Syckle, Jr.
3: Ryan Daly, So.
2: Miles Kline, Fr.
Bow: Brent Mankin, Jr.

Stroke: Graham Knox, So.
3: Cian Nowak, Sr.
2: Will Kernodle, Fr.
Bow: Dan Van Horne, Sr.
Coxswain: Ben Weggeland, Jr.