About the BCA

The Bison Crew Association (BCA) was created in 2002 to directly address the needs of the men’s rowing program as a result of its reclassification from varsity to club-varsity status.  This reclassification meant, that while the team could continue to compete at the varsity level and retain access to some training facilities such as the locker, weight and erg rooms, it would no longer receive funding from the university.

The BCA provides opportunities for alumni, parents, and friends of Bucknell Crew to be connected and involved with the Men’s Club-Varsity Crew Team.  It also provides a way in which to recognize the contributions and volunteerism of alumni, parents, and friends of the program.  The BCA members include all alumni, parents, and friends of the men’s rowing program, as well as alumni, parents, and friends of the women’s rowing program who choose to become members. All members are encouraged to participate in team events, gatherings, and to support the functions of the program; and are invited to join us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and sign up for our email list to keep in touch.  If you have a question for the BCA, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The leadership of the Bison Crew Association gives guidance and support to the men’s rowing program and the men’s head coach as well as coordinating all men’s crew alumni.  The Board of Directors’ primary responsibility is to provide consistent and timely guidance and support to the on-campus leadership of the team, but also addresses a variety of issues faced by Men’s Crew, including but not limited to: hiring of coaches, formulation of an operating budget, fundraising initiatives, and general program development.  The members of the Board of Directors hold regular conference calls and meet on campus with the leadership of Men’s Crew, including the student officers, coaches, and university supervisors of the program.

Current Board Members

Scott Uebele ’00 (President)
Ben Finio ’07 (Secretary)
Steve Ritchie ’97
Dave Silver ’97
Kells Green ’10
Hugh Shepard ’11
Marc Burian ’12
Dan Wolleben (Head Coach)

Biographical information about each member can be found here.