Bucknell opens fall at Navy Day Regatta

Last weekend Bucknell traveled to Philadelphia where it began its 2024 racing campaign against a variety of varsity and club programs. With over 20 freshmen making their collegiate debut, the Navy Day Regatta introduced nearly half of the team to the very competitive standard talked about by the coaches on a daily basis. The program finished towards the middle of the pack in each event, which made sense given the spectrum of speed in attendance.

The first and second varsity eights competed in the Collegiate 8+ event, placing 14th and 18th respectively. Each boat found itself behind some heavy-hitting varsity programs like Penn and Navy, but ahead of notable club teams like Delaware and Rutgers. With the Head of the Charles looming, the 1v will look to flesh out some kinks over the next few days before heading up to Boston.

The third varsity eight walked away with the performance of the weekend, finishing just 1.7s outside of second place in the Collegiate JV 8+ event. Possessing its deepest roster ever, this particular result came as no surprise for Bucknell. Being able to go the same speed as a varsity program like St. Joe’s for 4,000 meters should mean special moments lie ahead for this crew come springtime. The fourth varsity eight also competed in this event, placing ninth ahead of the Fairfield and Villanova 2v’s. Seeing as high rates had not been touched at practices thus far, the 4v felt content with how its race unfolded and looks forward to elevating cadence in the coming weeks.

The novice 8+ experienced a rollercoaster of emotions while coming down the course for its first race ever. Much like the 4v, high rates were uncharted territory for this crew, so each member was eager to see how things would play out. The first half of the race seemed to go well with the crew setting into a competitive yet sustainable rhythm. In the blink of an eye, however, this rhythm was derailed by an over-the-head crab that forced the crew to a grinding halt that lasted 45 seconds. Despite this setback, the boat reportedly salvaged its previous rhythm to attack the last half of the race and finish seventh overall.

This weekend the 1v will compete in Boston for the Head of the Charles. The next team-wide event will occur on October 28th for the Cornell Autumn Classic.

Collegiate 8+ (30 entries)
14. Bucknell 1v – 12:51.5
15. La Salle 2v – 12:52.3
16. St. Joes 2v – 12:53.2
17. Penn 4v – 12:54.1
18. Bucknell 2v – 13:02.7

JV 8+ (11 entries)
1. Temple 3v – 13:07.0
2. Drexel 4v – 13:17.9
3. St. Joes 3v – 13:18.1
4. Bucknell 3v – 13:19.6
9. Bucknell 4v – 13:52.6

Novice 8+ (9 entries)
4. Fairfield – 14:09.5
5. Navy LWT B – 14:25.4
6. Delaware – 14:39.4
7. Bucknell – 15:03.1
8. Stockton – 15:40.1

1st Varsity 8+ – 2023 Hudson U8.43 Ultra Super Predator
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky, Sr.
Stroke: Andrew Viola, Sr.
7: Chris Kirby, So.
6: Sen Zelov, Jr.
5: Kevin Carney, Sr.
4: Zach Gerhardt, Sr.
3: Ryan Genel, So.
2: Solomon Bell, Fr.
Bow: Jonas Sanchez, Fr.

2nd Varsity 8+ – 2022 Hudson S8.32 Super Predator
Coxswain: Regine Escher, Fr.
Stroke: Sebastian Brandt, Fr.
7: Cornelius Nichilo, Fr.
6: Aidan DeWitt, Jr.
5: Conor McNichols, Jr.
4: Soren Stein, Fr.
3: Jackson Green, Fr.
2: Miles Clyde, Fr.
Bow: Wes Peot, Fr.

3rd Varsity 8+ – 2022 Hudson S8.32 Super Predator
Coxswain: Tyler Leong, Fr.
Stroke: Luca Arvanitis, Jr.
7: Ryan Spallone, Jr.
6: Dirk Puleo, Jr.
5: Graham Knox, Sr.
4: Tim Robertson, So.
3: Jack Greenleaf, Fr.
2: John Kirincich, So.
Bow: Dominic Canale, Sr.

4th Varsity 8+ – Class of 2020
Coxswain: Jack Lieblein, So.
Stroke: Will Blumenthal, So.
7: Ethan Jones, Sr.
6: Griffin Walsh, So.
5: Oliver Abushacra, So.
4: Chris Morale, So.
3: Robert Canestrari, Fr.
2: Ryan Firestone, So.
Bow: Travis Stanitis, So.

Novice 8+ – Class of 1985
Coxswain: Luke Catalanello
Stroke: Tennyson Kelly, Fr.
7: Tommy Smith, Fr.
6: Tanner Tighelaar, Fr.
5: Joe Hofmann, Fr.
4: Kristian Komorowski, Fr.
3: Jacob Mohr, Fr.
2: Collin Campbell, Fr.
Bow: Connor Orkin, Fr.