Bucknell wins all races against Lehigh, Washington College

Friday evening, Bucknell hosted Lehigh and Washington College on the Susquehanna. The last time each of these teams lined up for 2000 meters, Bucknell edged Lehigh by a boat deck and finished ahead of Washington College by six seconds.

Anticipating a competitive Lehigh crew, the Bucknell varsity eight blasted off the line to establish a one length lead within the first few minutes of the race. As crews settled into their base rhythm, however, Lehigh stuck around and made up a seat or two inside the third quarter. Once it was time to sprint, Bucknell shifted gears and separated itself to finish ahead of Lehigh by open water.

The second varsity eight followed next. Without a third boat event, the 3v tagged along for this race hoping to create chaos and nearly did, mounting a massive sprint to finish just one seat behind a Lehigh 2v that had an open water cushion earlier in the race. While the Lehigh 2v and Bucknell 3v traded punches, the Bucknell 2v comfortably sat ahead by open water.

The fours went next, featuring some 1v personnel that doubled up to get each Bucknell oarsman a race. Ultimately the upperclassmen “A” boat got the best of the freshmen “B” boat by 11 seconds.

Next weekend, Bucknell will travel to the nation’s capital for the GW Invite where it will square up against some of fastest club programs in the country – six of which placed top 12 nationally last May.

1st Varsity 8+
Bucknell – 6:10.9
Lehigh – 6:15.8
Washington College – 7:39.3

2nd Varsity 8+
Bucknell – 6:20.4
Lehigh – 6:30.3
Bucknell 3v – 6:31.3

Bucknell A – 7:37.3
Bucknell B – 7:48.7
Washington College – 9:04.6

1st Varsity 8+ – 2022 Hudson S8.32 SHARK Super Predator
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky, Jr.
Stroke: Andrew Viola, Jr.
7: Zach Gerhardt, Jr.
6: Kevin Carney, Jr.
5: Jack Fiala, Sr.
4: Conor McNichols, So.
3: Andy Thompson, So.
2: Ryan Genel, Fr.
Bow: Dominic Canale, Jr.

2nd Varsity 8+ – 2022 Hudson S8.32 SHARK Super Predator
Coxswain: Emma Minadeo, Sr.
Stroke: Dirk Puleo, So.
7: Chris Kirby, Fr.
6: Nathan Peot, Jr.
5: Ryan Spallone, So.
4: Josh Raeter, Fr.
3: Aidan DeWitt, So.
2: Graham Knox, Jr.
Bow: Luca Arvanitis, So.

3rd Varsity 8+ – Class of 2020
Coxswain: Austin Carroll, Fr.
Stroke: Kellen Paulsen, Fr.
7: Oliver Abushacra, Fr.
6: Ethan Jones, Jr.
5: Dan Van Syckle, Sr.
4: Griffin Walsh, Fr.
3: John Kirincich, Fr.
2: Brian Skeels, Sr.
Bow: Tim Robertson, Fr.

“A” 4+
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky, Jr.
Stroke: Jack Fiala, Sr.
3: Conor McNichols, So.
2: Brendan Arnold, Jr.
Bow: Brent Mankin, Sr.

“B” 4+
Coxswain: Josiah Kwok, Fr.
Stroke: Will Blumenthal, Fr.
3: Chris Morale, Fr.
2: Travis Stanitis, Fr.
Bow: Peter Nasto, Fr.