Rutgers/Delaware in New Brunswick, NJ on 4/23

The team races at Rutgers on Saturday afternoon. Join us to cheer and feed the team!


Here is the current race schedule (we are waiting to see if there is a 4’s race on Saturday or not):

1:45pmCoaches and Coxswains Meeting
2:30pm3rd Varsity 8
2:50pm2nd Varsity 8
3:10pmVarsity 8


Boathouse Address: 5 Memorial Parkway, New Brunswick, NJ (located in Boyd Park off Route 18 North)

Please note that the road in front of the Rutgers Class of 1914 Boathouse will likely be closed. Spectator parking is available on the Cook/Douglass Campus near the boathouse.

The tent will be located at the boathouse. The best place to watch is on the canal bank near the finish line.  Spectators would need to walk about 150 meters upstream of the boathouse to use the yellow footbridge over the canal.