Bucknell boats finish 2nd & 3rd at Occoquan Chase

Last year, the Bucknell men trained under strict guidelines, not knowing whether its hard work would ever have the opportunity to come to fruition. Despite that uncertainty, the team kept at it and was fortunate enough to compete, ultimately posting results that suggested it was on par with the best of the ACRA. Heading into this fall, the team maintained high expectations, knowing it had continuity on its side and that a talented group of recruits would soon be on campus. Given the ambitious goals set by the 2022 team, what better way to start the year than at the Occoquan Chase, racing against one of its biggest ACRA rivals, the University of Virginia.

In the main event of the afternoon, Bucknell fielded its top three eights. Following typical head race format, each boat came down the course one by one. Stroked by sophomore Andrew Viola, the V8+ came into view first. The rate was aggressive, just as it needed to be, but the crew struggled to battle through a stiff wind at various moments of the race. The boat finished second overall, feeling confident about how it could make up time before the Head of the Charles. The 2V8+ raced next, arguably throwing down the team’s best performance of the day. In their collegiate debut, four freshmen helped push the boat to a third place finish, just ahead of UVA B. The 3V8+ rounded out the event by displaying impressive speed themselves. Guided by a senior stern pair, the crew finished seventh overall, just three seconds behind UVA C.

Virginia A – 15:38.4
Bucknell A – 16:12.4
Bucknell B- 16:33.1
Virginia B -16:35.6
Washington College – 16:42.3
Virginia C – 17:09.2
Bucknell C – 17:12.0
George Mason A -17:47.5
Virginia Tech – 18:35.9
George Mason B – 19:37.9

Next were the novice eights, mainly composed of athletes who tried out for the team and have spent the last month learning how to row. Instead of stacking one boat, the coaching staff decided to construct two even lineups so that the newcomers would not only race the field, but their teammates as well. Each boat put their newly learned fundamentals to the task, competing over a distance longer than they ever had in a practice setting. The “A” F/N8+ finished second while the “B” F/N8+ placed third. Having now experienced the thrill of racing, the novice group is determined to be the best it can be and is committed to bringing a more consistent focus on a daily basis.

Virginia A – 18:07.8
Bucknell A – 18:22.5
Bucknell B- 18:43.1
Virginia B -19:35.5
Washington College – 19:38.0
Virginia Tech – 20:42.7
George Mason – 24:52.3

Despite no practices in its lineup, the Open 4+ demonstrated solid cohesion in a brave effort to keep pace with some of the top athletes at the regatta. Junior Brian Skeels kept his foot on the pedal, rating no lower than 30 strokes per minute for the entire race. The boat finished ninth overall, ahead of two crews.

Virginia A – 17:50.1
Virginia B – 17:51.0
Virginia C – 17:57.3
Washington College A – 18:18.5
Washington College B – 18:36.7
George Mason A – 18:44.9
Virginia Tech A – 19:09.5
George Mason B – 19:35.9
Bucknell – 20:11.9
Virginia Tech B – 21:00.3
Franklin & Marshall – 21:29.1

The Bucknell V8+ will compete at the 56th Head of the Charles in Boston on Sunday, October 24th. It will race in the Men’s Collegiate 8+, set to begin at 2:05pm EST. Follow this link to watch the boat live in action.

Varsity 8 – 2018 Resolute Midweight XT
Coxswain: Max Silverman, Sr.
Stroke: Andrew Viola, So.
7: Phil Onffroy, Sr.
6: Zach Gerhardt, So.
5: Nathan Peot, So.
4: Jack Fiala, Jr.
3: Conor McNichols, Fr.
2: Thomas Stone, Jr.
Bow: Luca Arvanitis, Fr.

2nd Varsity 8 – Class of 1985
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky, So.
Stroke: Luke Lambropoulos, So.
7: Jake Bardorf, Jr.
6: Ben Rose, Fr.
5: Christian Sieck, Sr.
4: Ryan Spallone, Fr.
3: Kyle Letke, Fr.
2: Aidan DeWitt, Fr.
Bow: Aaron Swope, Sr.

3rd Varsity 8 – Trustee Challenge
Coxswain: Emma Minadeo, Jr.
Stroke: Nick Caravias, Sr.
7: Peter Foradora, Sr.
6: Kevin Carney, So.
5: Dominic Canale, So.
4: Zenable Adisalem, Fr.
3: Andy Thompson, Fr.
2: Brent Mankin, Jr.
Bow: Sen Zelov, Fr.

Frosh/Novice 8A – Uebele
Coxswain: Ben Kaller, So.
Stroke: Brian Skeels, Jr.
7: Brendan Baganski, Fr.
6: Keeler Thomas, Fr.
5: Pierce Hoffer, So.
4: Mason Cametas, Jr.
3: William Kernodle, Fr.
2: Cesar Spadea, So.
Bow: Alex Vargas, Fr.

Frosh/Novice 8B – Ritchie
Coxswain: Gracyn Shaw, Fr.
Stroke: Cameron Baravalle, So.
7: Miles Kline, Fr.
6: Luke Branes-Huff, Fr.
5: Dan Rigby, So.
4: Dan Van Horne, Sr.
3: Will Amrhein, So.
2: Ryan Daly, So.
Bow: Ben Freedenberg, Fr.

Open 4
Coxswain: Ben Weggeland, Jr.
Stroke: Brian Skeels, Jr.
3: Cian Nowak, Sr.
2: Brendan Arnold, So.
Bow: Dan Van Syckle, Jr.