Bucknell Boats Finish Ahead at Ithaca

Last weekend, the team drove to New York where it dueled the Ithaca men, an opponent that consistently poses a challenge each spring. For a large majority of the team, that which consists of freshmen and sophomores, Saturday served as a noteworthy milestone: their first collegiate 2000m race.

The 3rd Varsity 8+ raced first, looking to establish an early lead and dictate the pace. They did just that, achieving open water off the start, taking control of the driver’s seat and extending their lead over the course of the race. These rowers were particularly motived by some promise about a steak dinner? Anyways, their performance got the ball rolling in the right direction for the team.

Bucknell 3v – 6:28.7
Ithaca 3v – 7:28.8

The 2nd Varsity 8+ launched next. This boat was especially young, containing six freshmen who were eager to capture their first collegiate win. Proper execution combined with youthful adrenaline propelled the crew off the line, establishing a length lead just one minute into the race. That margin quickly grew to several boat lengths of open water, affording the boat the opportunity to focus on quality of rowing and distance per stroke.

Bucknell 2v – 6:19.9
Ithaca 2v – 6:34.6

The 1st Varsity 8+ followed, hoping to complete a sweep. While this matchup was the most competitive, as the 1v battled enough to cling onto contact entering the final 500m, the boat ultimately fell short finishing six seconds behind a very strong Ithaca crew.

Ithaca 1v – 6:01.4
Bucknell 1v – 6:08.2

Wrapping up the 2k races, the 3rd Varsity 8+ made another appearance. This time it competed under a 4th Varsity 8+ label since a few new athletes switched into the shell. Much like its first race, the crew won by a comfortable margin.

Bucknell 4v – 6:49.4
Ithaca 4v – 7:44.3

The PM slate of racing gave the team a unique chance to regroup, reflect and make immediate adjustments. From the launch, the coaches accompanied the 1st and 2nd varsity eights for 3×2:30. The first piece simulated the start of a race, second the middle and third the sprint. The Bucknell 1v defeated the Ithaca 1v by at least one length on each piece. The Bucknell 2v also threw down a respectable workout, besting the Ithaca 1v on two of three pieces and matching the Bucknell 1v for much of the final segment.

Next week the team will travel to Charlottesville for a classic ACRA showdown against the University of Virginia.

Varsity 8 – 2018 Resolute Midweight XT
Coxswain: Max Silverman ’22
Stroke: Phil Onffroy ’22
7: Andrew Viola ’24
6: Bobby Subak ’21
5: Davis MacKelcan ’22
4: Zach Gerhardt ’24
3: Kevin Carney ’24
2: Thomas Stone ’23
Bow: Jake Bardorf ’23

2nd Varsity 8 – Class of 1985
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky ’24 & Ben Kaller ’24
Stroke: Cameron Baravalle ’24
7: Nathan Peot ’24
6: Luke Lambropoulos ’24
5: Christian Sieck ’22
4: Dominic Canale ’24
3: Jack Ressler ’24
2: Chris Mangano ’21 & Jack Fiala ’23
Bow: Aaron Swope ’22

3rd Varsity 8 – Scott Uebele ’00
Coxswain: Emma Minadeo ’23 & Brody Mistrot ’21
Stroke: Taylor LaRosa ’21
7: Brent Mankin ’23
6: Sebastian Bickford ’21
5: Jackson Ingram ’21
4: Jack Fiala ’23 & Dan Rigby ’24
3: Cian Nowak ’22 & Dan Van Syckle ’23
2: Ethan Laurens ’22
Bow: Brian Skeels ’23 & Mason Cametas ’23