Bucknell Rowers Set Indoor Rowing World Record

Concept II recently confirmed that a world record indoor rowing attempt by members of Bucknell’s Men’s Crew and Women’s Rowing teams is now official. A ten person team set a new continuous indoor rowing record, spending just over three days continuously rowing. The Bison smashed the previous Mixed 19 and Under Heavyweight Record (48 hours) with a new official time of 72 hours and 16 seconds.

The record attempt proved tricky as the rules state that the ergometer’s handle must never stop moving. Leaving one person in the room would not suffice (they needed two additional people to switch rowers on the ergometer), so the rowers had to prepare a schedule to ensure multiple people were in the room at once. In addition several back-up systems had to be installed on the ergometer to ensure that data was always being recorded.

The team was composed of 6 rowers from the Bison Men’s Crew; Mike Birosak ‘18, Dillon LaFata ‘18, John Leasure ‘19, Alex Owen ‘19, Ryan McSherry ‘19, and Duncan Ragland ’19, as well as 4 rowers from the Bison Women’s Rowing Team; Menley Denham ‘19, Lena Kleinber ‘19, Annina Ruggirello ‘18, and Mara Vinnik ’19.

Congratulations to the members of both squads for their new record!