Bucknell Men Finish Regular Season against Holy Cross, Hobart, and Williams

The Bucknell Men finished their regular season competition last weekend against Holy Cross, Hobart, and Williams, on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA.  Conditions were chilly, with temperatures in the mid 40’s with moderate winds.  

The 3rd Varsity eight was the first event of the morning.  Rowing with a moderate crosswind, the 3V started quickly and quickly put themselves into a strong second position behind Holy Cross, a few seats up on Hobart.  Holy Cross began to move away slightly, but the Bison moved with them, soon opening up a 6 seat lead on Hobart.  The 3V started a press back into Holy Cross in the last 200 meters of the race, but could not close the gap.  The Bison would hold off a hard charging Hobart crew to finish in second.  The Third Varsity Eight was made up of Nick Barpoulis ’17, James Koenigsberg ‘18, Pat Long ‘18, Dylan O’Connor ‘18, Rich Nicolaides ‘18, Ben Claytor ‘18, John Gleason ‘18, Shawn Gilhooley ‘18, and was coxed by Perry Hamilton ‘18.

The 2nd Varsity Eight started more slowly, finding themselves in an early hole.  After 500 meters into the race the 2V sat in 4th place, about a length down on second place Holy Cross and a few seats down on third place Williams.  The 2V started a slow march back up into the field.  With 500 meters to go the 2V had moved back ahead of Williams, and started to press into Holy Cross.  Their late charge came up slightly short, finishing just 3 seconds behind Holy Cross.  The 2V was made up of Doug Burney ’16, Nate Coffin ’16, Sam Jubb ’17, Will Fierman ’15, Jack Shelton ’18, Mike Pallotta ’18, Dillon LaFata ’18, Sam Wiley ’17, and was coxed by Henry Leonardi ’18.

The varsity eight was the last event of the day.  A fast first 500 meters saw the Bison back in 4th place, but still in contact with the field. Hobart and Holy Cross began to move away from the field, but the Bison held with Williams.  A strong third 500 from the Williams crew saw the 1V fall back even move, ultimately crossing the line in 4th.  The 1V was made up of Crawford Morris ’15, Lucas Colagrassi ’17, Alex Moore ’15, Tyler Bogaczyk ’15, Andrew Vinnik ’17, Billy Pinamont ’17, Ryan Thompson ’16, Billy Tyler ’15, and was coxed by Suzie Zubkoff ’18.

The Bucknell Men will race again in two weeks at the Dad Vail and ECAC National Invitational Regattas.  The Dad Vail Regatta will be held on May 8th and 9th on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, the ECAC National Invitational Regatta will be held on May 10th, on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, MA.