John Skotedis 1951-2012

John was the head coach of Bucknell Crew from 1986-1992, during which time the program's foundation was built. The men's and women's club team, established in 1983, flourished under John's leadership. With his guidance, the team successfully achieved varsity status in 1990, won it's first Dad Vail medal in 1991, and had it's first alumnus compete at the Olympics (Cindy Ryder in 1992). Most importantly, John's leadership and friendship provided an invaluable life for those who rowed under him. John continued to be an integral part of supporting the development of rowing at Bucknell University as well as the Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association.

Below you will find a link to John's Memorial website.

John Skotedis(1951-2012)

Bucknell Men's Crew is deeply grateful for all that John and his family gave to program. Without his dedication, sacrifice and support, the Bucknell Rowing programs would likely not exist; let them be an honor to his memory.