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Bucknell Men Perform on Double-Race Weekend

  The Bucknell Men had a busy weekend in Massachusetts, first traveling to Pittston, MA to dual Williams College on Lake Onota on Saturday, the 27th. The weather was perfect for racing with clear skies and temperatures in the low 60’s, variable cross/head winds and flat water.
  The first event of the day was of the Third Varsity 8+’s, which saw the Bison 3V jump out to a commanding lead early in the first 500m where they would continue to pull away to finish with a time of 6:19.8, 22.6 seconds ahead of the Williams 3V following in 6:42.4.

Bucknell Men Brave Extreme Conditions at Hobart

  The Bucknell Men traveled to Geneva, NY to compete against Hobart College on the Seneca Lake Canal on April 20th. 20-30mph winds from the east made the lake course un-rowable, so all races were contested in the adjacent canal. The races went off in order of 1V, 2V and 3V, respectively.
  The Bison Varsity 8+ was the first to compete, challenging the Hobart varsity in the early stages of the race but struggled to cope with the 20mph head wind in the 2nd 1000m - the Bucknell Varsity would eventually fade to an open-water deficit to finish with a time of 7:03.08


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