Class Year: 2021
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Winchester, MA
High School: Winchester High School
Position: Port
Height: 5’10
Weight: 155

My name is Will Costa and I was born in Winchester Massachusetts. I live on what is rumored to be the widest street in New England without yellow lines on it. I have two parents, one mother and one father. My father is from New Hampshire and went to RPI. My mother is from New York and went to UVA. I have four brothers. One works in New York City, one works in Tampa, one is still in high school, and the other is actually a dog named Griffin. I went to Winchester high school where the halls of the school were only wide enough for single file lines. My first heartbreak was when my favorite burger place (Bobby’s Burger Palace) closed down, and the next closest one was around three hours away. I sailed for my high school all four years, and my love for the Charles cannot be tamed. I was a captain of the team, and our crowning achievement was placing 3rd in the State. This is why I chose to start rowing in college, so I could stay one with the water.