Team Co-Captain 2018-19

Class Year: 2020
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Greenwood Village, CO
High School: Regis Jesuit High School
Position: Starboard
Height: 5’10
Weight: 170


Matt “The Human Cylinder” LaRouche was a member of the 2017 ACRA Silver medalist crew in the Freshman 4+. Pound for Pound, Matt “Tom Lanphier” LaRouche is slightly above average. Matt “Skadoosh” LaRouche was in the Bow Seat of the Bucknell Prince Albert Challenge Cup entry at the 2017 Henley Royal Regatta. Matt “Most likely to take the elevator” LaRouche also competed at the 2017 Head of the Charles, and is a Gold Medalist at the MARC regatta.

Other Personal accomplishments: Voted most likely to seat race himself out of a lineup; once erged a 10k test piece listening to Kenny Loggins hit song, “Danger Zone” on loop; summited Pikes Peak (14,115 ft.); has consumed an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting (in addition to a full dinner)

When Matt “LaRouche” LaRouche pulls a max watt test, it results in a sonic boom produced not from speed, but from the shattering of his left seventh rib.

Seat Race Victories: ERROR 404, File not found

Hobbies/Interests: Dogs, doggos, puppers, yappers, woffers, pupperinos, memes, music of the 70’s and 80’s, food, and Injury Biomechanics.

Outside of Athletics, Matt “Matholomew” LaRouche conducts child head injury impact attenuation research, and enjoys Tang and getting caught in the rain.

Matt “I don’t really have any other nicknames” LaRouche has two amazing parents and a wonderful older sister.