Class Year: 2021
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Lexington, MA
High School: Lexington High School
Position: Port/Starboard
Height: 5’11

Born and raised in Canada, I tend to get called out for being different now that I live in Lexington, Massachusetts. It is a pretty great place to live as I enjoy the accessibility to beaches, skiing, hiking, and the proximity to the city.

I played hockey my whole life. Ice melts. I tried rowing on it. It turned out to be pretty fun sport. As a 5 foot 11 slim guy, it was quite the challenge to learn to “cultivate mass.” I learn quite a bit from TV and books. An idol of mine is Larry Enticer as he has the ability to motivate anyone to do anything. Motivation is not always easy to have for tasks that do not peak your interests. On the other hand, don’t put a damper on your curiosity. My curiosity has led me this far and life has been pretty interesting.

I hope to be a dentist someday. To be able to look back at the centuries of schooling I completed, to make someone be able to eat right. That the dream. Now I do indulge in a Twix or ten on the rare occasion, so I am by no means leading by example. I eat watermelon sour patch kids by the bag because they are delicious.

I am a Chemistry major, am fluent in French, and dabble in photography. Outside of class I enjoy spending time relaxing with friends as I have found free time to be quite the hot commodity. Naps are very underrated, despite being a dangerous addiction. If I were to compare myself to an animal I would want to be a tiger but the reality is that I am a golden retriever. And i’m fine with that.